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Protest/Activism Documentary: Home

Research Strategies and Tips

Strategy 1: Explore: start with ABC-CLIO. Read and take notes on background context of your group and basic facts about people, events, legislation/amendments, Supreme Court decisions. Use these databases within ABC-CLIO: American History, American Government, American Indian Experience (if relevant), Latino American Experience (if relevant).

--Tips: Put quotes around words that you want to search together. Ex. "asian american" "american indian." And then try it without quotes. Brainstorm other similar search words, ex: gay lesbian in addition to LGBTQ. You can also use the Search by Time Periods feature in ABC-CLIO to find a relevant topic center. Remember to use the Filter button to narrow your search results. You can use other databases as well, but start with ABC-CLIO.

Strategy 2: Find and Gather: Branch out to US History in Context and Biography in Context (if you haven't already) and search for specific people, events, etc. Also search for info about people, events, etc. in the ebooks. Some of the ebooks are relevant for certain groups only. 

--Tips: Any necessary passwords are included with the links. Some do not need passwords as long as you use our links. (Remember, you cannot Google databases and ebooks.)

--Once in the ebook, use the Table of Contents and Index as you would with a print book. The ebooks may look different from each other so you will need to be flexible. 

--The databases have pictures you can use for your documentary AND they already have the citation done for you.

Gale Ebooks - Specialized Collection


Infobase Ebooks