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The Commonwealth and Repatriation: Imperialism PSA Project: Home

Research Process

1. EXPLORE: explore your topic using resources to get background information and build a base of knowledge

2. ASK: Develop a question or questions based on what you learned from your exploratory research and what you want to know (& suspect)

3. FIND: Find and evaluate resources that will help you answer your question

4. GATHER: Gather info from your sources, keeping track of where you got your information (note-taking and bibliography)

5. CONNECT: Connect the information you've gathered to your original question

6. PITCH: Pitch your ideas. Summarize your research and propose a product to your teacher or a peer.

7: CREATE: Create your product with pride!

Toxic Legacy of Britain's Empire

Databases and Encyclopedias

Keyword Suggestions to Get You Started

Getting Stared - Suggested Keywords

British Empire
British Commonwealth

Colonial legacy

Colonial territories
Commonwealth of Nations


Imperial legacy
Repatriation artifacts
Restitution artifacts