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Comparing Colonial Societies Project: Home

The Research Process

1. EXPLORE: Explore information on your topic. Learn basic background info and facts: Who? What? Where? When? 

2. ASK: Ask questions. Develop and refine a research question based on what you learned in your exploratory research. 

3. FIND: Find and evaluate sources. Look for sources that deepen your knowledge of your topic.

4. GATHER: Gather important info - go deep! Read actively, take notes, keep track of sources. What info is useful?

5. CONNECT: Connect your notes back to your research question. Can you answer your question? Do you need more info? Has your evidence led you to a new question?

6. PITCH: Pitch your ideas. Summarize your research and propose a product to your teacher or a peer. 

7. CREATE: Create your product with pride!

Finding Great Images!

Google image searches:

Narrow your searches to reliable sources for historical images by using:
site:edu or

Cite your source: 

  • Images need to be cited and Google is not the source.
  • When you find an image that you want to use make sure you click on the image and go the website it came from so you can cite it correctly.

Citing your Sources!

Best Practices:

  • Create a new project in your account as soon the project is assigned.
  • Add each source into mybib as you find it and you will have a list of all your sources so you will not forget or lose any.

Settler Colonies in North America - approved websites

Coming Up with Keywords!

Keyword Do's

  1. Use your background knowledge
  2. Strong keywords can include: People, Places, Location names, Significant events
  3. Add to your keyword list as you find new keywords

Keyword Don'ts

  1. Avoid long phrases or complete sentences
  2. Don't get locked in to your original list - keep adding as you learn more


Approved Website

Assignment sheet

Comparing Colonial Societies Project
Assignment Sheet


Colonies of Sugar - Colonial Caribbean - approved websites