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Greek Mythology: Cite Your Sources

9th Grade English Mythology Research Project

Citing your sources - Works Cited page, Bibliography and more!

For some research projects you will be asked to submit a Works Cited page.
For other projects you could be asked to submit both a Works Cited page and a Bibliography. Those are actually two different things.

For this assignment you are required to submit a works cited page in the MLA format and an annotated bibliography in the MLA format.

What is a Works Cited page?

A Works Cited page is a list of all of the sources that were used in the writing of a paper.

Your Works Cited page is an alphabetical list of the resources you used in your final paper. Need more information about what a Works Cited page is - check out this page What is a Works Cited page?

What is a Bibliography?

Definition: A list of writings (or other information resources) used, consulted or considered by an author in preparing a particular work.

(American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, ©1992)

Whenever you do research, you must give credit to those people who proposed unique ideas or provided special information that you incorporate into your research product. Often the supporting evidence you cite will come from the work of others. It is your responsibility to acknowledge the original authors or researchers for their words, ideas or images.

Your bibliography is an alphabetical listing of the resources you used in your research. You must include detailed information about each resource such as the author, title, publisher and copyright date. When no author is listed, then use the title of the resource to alphabetize your bibliography.