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Latin American Revolutions Research Project: Home

Assignment Documents

Constructing Your Narrative

What is a narrative?

A narrative text tells the story.  It does not attempt to present or prove an argument; rather, it presents the facts.  A narrative is specific and chronological.  It provides the details for an historian to interpret, but does not interpret those details itself. 

Your group’s narrative must include the following information….


  • Who were the leaders of the revolution?
  • What conditions in the colonies led people to demand revolution?
  • What ideas inspired revolutionary leaders in your case study?
  • How did those revolutionary leaders inspire their followers?


  • How did individuals assert their desired independence? (writing, speeches, protests, violence?)


  • Between what groups did conflict arise?
  • What conflict existed among the revolutionaries?
  • How was that conflict expressed? (violence, politics, etc.?)


  • How was the conflict resolved?
  • Did the revolutionaries attain their initial goal of going from subject to citizen?


  • Once independence was gained, what system of government did the new countries establish?
  • Who held power?
  • Who became marginalized?