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Here is your assignment handout:

Dynasty News Hour

Dynasty News Hour

Providing Han'est news for over 2000 years

In this research guide, you will find resources and tips that will help you prepare your news broadcast on one of the Asian dynasties. Specific requirements from your teacher will be found in handouts received in class and/or the class boxes on the left of this page. 

Where Do I Start?

1. Read your assignment. Understand what you are required to do, turn in, produce, etc. Are there guiding questions?

2. What is your topic? What are you researching? 

3. What do you already know about this topic? To do a proper search, you need to know:

  •    the name of the dynasty, kingdom, etc. 
  •    the time period
  •    modern name of country/geographic area

4. Search for overviews of topic: encyclopedias/general reference books and databases such as ABC-CLIO, World History in Context, Britannica School

  • As you read, write down key words/phrases such as names of rulers, events, wars, accomplishments, etc. 
  • These will help you do better searches as you dig deeper into your topic.

5. Use the information you have already learned to search for more information, deepen your understanding of your dynasty. Look for print books in the library and try ABC-CLIO eBooks.

6. Look at the guiding questions again: using the information you have found, can you formulate answers?

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