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World War I Research Project: WW I Home

Assignment Documents

Here is your assignment handout:

World War I Research Project

Welcome to the World War I Research Guide! In this guide, you will find resources and tips that will help you research your topic and prepare your PowerPoint. on World War I. Specific requirements are found in your handout that you received in class.  

Where Do I Start?

1. Read your assignment. Make sure you understand all that you are required to do.  

2. What is your topic? What are you researching? 

3. What do you already know about this topic? This will help you search for information. The minimum that you need to know:

  • your topic
  • the time period/dates

4. Search for overviews of your topic: encyclopedias/general reference books and databases such as ABC-CLIO or Britannica School

  • As you read, write down key words/phrases such as names of rulers, events, battles, dates, accomplishments, etc. 
  • Try to find the answers to these questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why?
  • This information will help you do better searches as you dig deeper into your topic.
  • Look for artilcles that give you the most complete information 

5. Use the information you have already learned to search for more information, deepen your understanding of your topic. Look for print books in the library and try ABC-CLIO eBooks.

6. As you learn more, begin thinking about your topic's impact on World War I. Why was it significant? How does it fit into the bigger picture?