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How To Do a Google Advanced Search

Try this strategy to get Google results from only .gov or .edu websites:

  • Go to
  • Type: key words or key words
  • Example: addiction effects


Legalization of Marijuana

Google Advanced: Key Words: legalization of marijuana



Lower DUI: .08 to .05

Google Advanced: Key words: lower BAC

Lower the Drinking Age

Google Advanced: Key Words: drinking age lower


Prison vs. Rehab for Drug/Alcohol Offenses

Google Advanced: Key Words:

  • prison vs rehab
  • mass incarceration
  • restorative justice
  • criminal justice reform
  • prison reform

Vaping: Safe or Unsafe?

Google Advanced: Key Words:

  • vaping teens or vaping health effects
  • e-cigarettes teens or e-cigarettes health effects


Opioid Crisis: should opioids be prescribed for chronic pain?

Google Advanced: Key Words: opioid pain management