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Pro/Con Debate Project: Home

Citing your Sources!

Best Practices:

  • Create a new project in your account as soon the project is assigned.
  • Add each source into mybib as you find it and you will have a list of all your sources so you will not forget or lose any.

Google Advanced Search

Searching in Google?
Remember you are looking for Trustworthy, Relevant, Accessible and Current (T. R. A. C.) information when searching for sources using Google. Ask yourself these questions about any websites before using the information for your debate.

To limit your results to a .gov or .edu website, type your search this way:
lower drinking age

safe injection sites

Coming Up with Keywords!

Keyword Do's

  1. Use your background knowledge
  2. Strong keywords can include: People, Places, Location names, Significant events
  3. Add to your keyword list as you find new keywords

Keyword Don'ts

  1. Avoid long phrases or complete sentences
  2. Don't get locked in to your original list - keep adding as you learn more