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Steps of the Research Process

1. EXPLORE: Explore information on your topic. Learn basic background  info and facts: Who? What? Where? When? 

2. ASK: Ask questions. Develop and refine a research question based on what you learned in your exploratory research. 

3. FIND: Find and evaluate sources. Look for sources that deepen your knowledge of your topic.

4. GATHER: Gather important info - go deep! Read actively, take notes, keep track of sources. What info is useful?

5. CONNECT: Connect your notes back to your research question. Can you answer your question? Do you need more info? Has your evidence led you to a new question?

6. PITCH: Pitch your ideas. Summarize your research and propose a product to your teacher or a peer. 

7. CREATE: Create your product with pride!

Emotions of the Research Process


Approved Website

Books for Multiple Empires

Citing your Sources!

Best Practices:

  • Create a new project in your account as soon the project is assigned.
  • Add each source into mybib as you find it and you will have a list of all your sources so you will not forget or lose any.

Google Search Tips

To limit your Google Search results to more reliable websites you can do this:

site:edu + search terms 

For example site:edu inca empire


site:gov + search terms

For example site:gov ming dynasty


Aztec Empire eBooks and Print Books

Ming Dynasty eBook and Print Books

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Inca Empire eBooks and Print Books

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