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Lights, Camera: A Call to Action!: Video Footage

10th grade Modern World History core project. Students create a short documentary on a global issue and connect it to a country's history.

Searching for Video

Google Video/Image Search Tips

  • Keywords - Try different keywords and use quotation marks to find exact matches.
  • Media Type - Organize your results by clicking on "Images" or "videos"
  • Still Photo/Artwork Searches - If you are looking for still photos or other artwork, organize the page by file size: click on "large" to find the best images first as these will work best as full-screen images in your film. Once opened, try "control" clicking on the image to see if it can be easily downloaded and make sure you are getting the "full-size" image.
  • Downloading - If you find video clips you want to use, first try "control" clicking on the clip to see if it can be easily downloaded. If not, you will need to convert file.


Google Search Tips from Google Engineer

Project Help Sheets


 presents modern world history video clips onYouTube 

 offers archived news footage from the Web.



( Password available from library or teacher for Discovery Videos.)