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Lights, Camera: A Call to Action!: Home

10th grade Modern World History core project. Students create a short documentary on a global issue and connect it to a country's history.

Documentaries Available in WHS Library

Haven't seen many documentaries? The WHS Library has hundreds of documentaries for you to check out. These are just a few.

Researching your Topic

This Guide provides you with resources to help you through your research. Keep in mind:

  • Start by reading background information on your topic. A solid foundation is important when providing context in your movie.
  • Use resources that provide more specific and deep information such as books and databases to give you ideas for narrowing your topic. (Narrowing is the hardest part for students.)
  • Write down search terms to use when using databases and searching online: specific geographic locations, religious groups, leaders names, poiitical factions and movements, conflicts, problems encountered by citizens, for example.
  • Primary Sources are a powerful tool in telling a story (newspaper headlines, quotes, photographs)

Copyright and Fair Use in Video

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Project Help Sheets

All Assignment Sheets 

  Lights, Camera, Action 2011 Packet.doc

Required Website Evaluation Sheet

Web Evaluation Checklist.pdf


Notecard How To Sheet

  Research Note Cards.pdf